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Bob Barefoots Best Vitamin D3 5000 IU - 90 Vegetarian tablets

Bob Barefoots Best Vitamin D3 5000 IU - 90 Vegetarian tablets

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Vitamin D3 is an essential building block in maintaining a healthy, vigorous immune system. Studies in recent years, reporting the dangers of unnecessary sun exposure, are causing many people to drastically limit the time spent outdoors. Health providers have reported an alarming increase in Vitamin D deficient patients, and believe the trend to avoid exposure to natural sunlight has created this situation. As a dedicated nutritionist, Robert Barefoot is very knowledgeable concerning the proper nutritional and dietary requirements of the human body. Bob recommends that everyone spend 2 hours in the sun every day (without sunglasses). Natural sunlight provides essential benefits for our bodies. Bob's Best Vitamin D3 is an example of Barefoot's commitment to provide consumers with health supplements containing only the purest and most effective ingredients. Bob's Best Vitamin D3 uses Cholecalciferol (Natural Vitamin D3) which is the most efficient and natural form. It is the only viable alternative to meeting the body's need for Natural Vitamin D. There are other Vitamin D supplements that use Ergocalciferol or Vitamin D2, which is un-natural, far less effective and could actually be toxic. The body is equipped with a network of Vitamin D Receptors. Essentially, VDRs are present in the majority of the body's cells and in the lining of the intestinal tract. Vitamin D Receptors in the intestinal tract aid in the absorption of calcium, magnesium and other nutrients the body requires to maintain strong teeth and bones and to sustain alkalinity and overall good health. Researchers suggest that the high levels of VDRs present in the immune system are another indicator that the proper levels of Natural Vitamin D3 are a vital contributor to a strong and healthy immune system. 90 5000 IU tablets per bottle.

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