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Kyolic, Aged Garlic Extract Formula 110 CoQ10 Cardiovascular, 100 Capsules

Kyolic, Aged Garlic Extract Formula 110 CoQ10 Cardiovascular, 100 Capsules

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The Kyolic Garlic Story

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract originates from garlic grown on organic farms using sustainable techniques, including crop rotation, to minimize soil degradation. Organic cultivation is essential to grow pure and natural garlic bulbs which are well balanced in nutrients.

Harvested at full maturity, the garlic cloves are naturally aged to convert harsh and odoriferous compounds into mild, odorless and stable water-soluble sulfur-containing compounds, which offer the greatest benefits of garlic.

Kyolic is quality tested from soil to shelf. The whole production process of Kyolic is controlled by over 250 stringent quality checks to ensure its safety and efficacy, conforming to international GMP‡ (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. Additionally, Wakunaga has earned the distinctive ISO 9001:2015 certification, demonstrating the company’s commitment to total quality management system.

Our packaging relies on recyclable plastic or glass bottles. We take these extra measures because at Wakunaga of America we believe that to truly support a well body, it’s critical to also support a planet.

Compliance with GMP Requirements, NFS International, 01/01/2018

*Certification of Analysis, Wakanuga of America, 10/9/2018, *Aged Garlic Extract Research 2020, 02/2020, **AGE Garlic Extract and Constituent Research Studies, 10/1/2018, 04/12/2018

  • Kyolic CoQ10: Containing Aged Garlic Extract and CoQ10, this supplement is designed to help support healthy heart function and cellular energy; This formula is made from organic, aged and odorless garlic
  • Whole Body Support: Aged garlic extract is the subject of over 870 peer-reviewed published scientific articles
  • Always Odorless: Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract is made from organically grown garlic that has been aged, unheated, up to 20 months which removes its pungent odor and makes it more gentle on the stomach
  • Organically Grown: Because we know that the greatest health benefits come from natural sources, Kyolic's high-quality nutritional supplements start with whole, pure, non-GMO, organic garlic
  • Explore Wakunaga: With a mission to promote good health throughout the world, Wakunaga offers nutritional supplements including Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics, Kyolic Specialty Items and Kyo-Green Greens and Superfoods

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