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Spectrum, Neural Balance 9.5oz

Spectrum, Neural Balance 9.5oz

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  • PASSILFORA BLEND: Helps support Calm Focus less aggressive behavior, natural social Interactions, healthy sleep, and Well Being
  • DIGESTIVE ENZYME BLEND: Helps Restore a balance between inhibitory GABAergic pathways and excitatory glutamatergic pathways, supporting natural calm and focus
  • OPTIMAL ABSORPTION : Anandanol includes a proprietary enzyme blend that is specially formulated to offer optimal absorption of Anandanol’s nutrients
  • FORMULATED BY MD: Neural balance a clean, delicious drink powder that contains the patented ingredient Anandanol, and supports natural calm and focus
  • NON GMO 100 percent NO GLUTEN: No: egg, dairy, soy, nuts,rice sucrose, yeast, casein, potato, or wheat. NO synthetic colors or preservatives

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