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Redbarn Bully Barbells for Dogs (Pack of 10)

Redbarn Bully Barbells for Dogs (Pack of 10)

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  • These all-natural, highly digestible chews are made from a single ingredient, beef pizzle (a muscle), and slow-roasted in their own juices for maximum flavor.
  • They work overtime to support your dog’s muscle development, while the natural act of chewing helps support their dental health by gently massaging their gums and scraping away plaque and tartar buildup. A genuinely delicious and nutritious boredom-busting chew!
  • Unique shape spice up your dog’s chewing routine as they happily figure out how to wrap their mouth around their favorite shape. This highly palatable treat becomes chewy when wet so it helps keep teeth clean and provides hours of long lasting enjoyment.
  • These long-lasting bully sticks for dogs are sourced from free-range, grass-fed cattle and made without artificial ingredients or hormones.
  • Our manufacturing process is a unique blend of state-of-the-art technology and handcrafted quality. Safety is our top priority. Our in-house quality assurance team performs more than 2,500 tests per month.

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