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Spyderco, Endura 4 Lightweight Signature Knife with 3.80" VG-10 Steel Blade and Blue FRN Handle - PlainEdge - C10FPBL

Spyderco, Endura 4 Lightweight Signature Knife with 3.80" VG-10 Steel Blade and Blue FRN Handle - PlainEdge - C10FPBL

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Endura 4 Lightweight


If you already own a Delica or Endura, you have one of signature knives Spyderco makes. The knife you have just acquired is a bit different from the normal C10 Endura 4 and C11 Delica 4 Lightweights. They are now available in a range of new handle colors with full-flat ground blades. Their FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) handles come in new vibrant tones including blue, green, brown, gray, and purple. Molded onto the handle's surface is Bi-Directional Texturing for slip-free tactile traction. Inside the handle are dual skeletonized stainless steel liners which strengthen the knife without additional weight and double as an anchor for external and internal components to attach through generating more sturdiness and rigidity.

The blades are full flat-ground VG-10 with a thinner highly refined cutting edge and a larger 13mm opening hole. Added to the blade's spine is slip resistant jimping. Phosphor bronze washers smooth out the open/close action and the clip is upgraded to a four-way tip-up, tip-down, left-or right-handed clip.

  • Front-Runner: The Endura 4 sets the standard as one of the best-selling folding knives ever made. All members of the Endura 4 family include a four-position clip, a high-strength back lock mechanism, and Trademark Round Hole.
  • Wide Spectrum of Handle Colors: Whether you enjoy bright colors or neutrals, our Endura 4 Flat Ground knives are designed to suit every taste. We offer Black, Blue, Green, Gray, Orange, Purple, Zome Green and Brown.
  • Light and Durable: This Endura handle is fabricated with Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon. FRN is a polymer mixed with glass fiber that is injection molded and formed into a sleek textured handle, creating a lightweight yet high-strength knife handle.
  • Low Friction: This knife features a blade ground with flat bevels that extend from the spine all the way to the cutting edge. This grind reduces drag during cutting and decreases overall weight.
  • A Secure Grip: To provide a non slip grip, these knives are molded with our patented pattern, Bi-Directional Texturing. This texture pattern consists of opposing graduated steps radiating outward from the center of the handle.

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